The Still Present

The Still Present is a documentary project that explores the sense of time in space. The
twentieth century was marked by big changes. It is possible to highlight three major facts that
guided the course of History at this period: the technological revolution, the interdependence
of financial markets and the formation of free trade areas. This phenomenon became known as
Globalization; a process of integration of the global space, characterized by the intense flow of
capitals, services, products and technologies between countries, resulting in a highly
interconnected world.


A new time settles in, changing the relations between people.
This photographic study is an experiment on how can we freeze time or to simply make it
repeatedly continuous, rolling still. In a world where everything tends to move faster and faster
how is it possible to slow down?

One click, everyday, same time, same seat, same crop.
Time runs. The Still Present aims to create a trap for the present so that the audience can stop,
observe, think and reflect. And then proceed.